Sunday, December 27, 2009

Victoria Singing "C is for the Christ Child"

Reminder to pause the music on my page before viewing this video!

Victoria singing the song she sang at the school Christmas program. Love my baby girl.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Baby Claus"

Jeff bought this adorable little Santa dress for Lily on his trip to Alabama with the boys. Victoria has affectionately named Lily as "Baby Claus" when she wears it.

Some pictures from our Church Family Christmas Banquet on Friday night......

It looks like she's yelling at her roll, but actually I just said, "Smile, Lily" and that's the face she made!!

Two red-headed buddies, Colin Wellard & Luke Harris
The love of my life.....
Post-dessert picture of "Baby Claus".

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miscellaneous December Pictures

Okay, Mommy, I'm ready to get down now!!
Lily's very first taste of corn on the cob and she did really well!!

Yay!!! I love corn.

She loves corn, so I thought I'd let her try corn on the cob (I accidentally uploaded these picture wrong, so they're in the opposite order that they should be.)

Trying to take off her hood - what a cutie pie.

Sweetie Lily-girl

Love this scrunched up look on her face. She's such a joy!

Our beautiful 11 year old Christmas tree - we bought it the first Christmas we were married at Menard's in Gary, Indiana for $45. I'm praying for a great after Christmas deal on a pre-lit (with white lights) tree for next year.

One of my favourite pictures of our Lily Bug.

AJ and Lily - Lily with her new "smile"!!

Cute little chair that Grandma Tina sent home with Lily on Thursday.

I love the look on her face here as she looks at the normally "untouchable" Christmas tree ornament!

Luke - my big handsome 10 year old! He's got such a sweet heart.

AJ and Victoria playing St. Catharines On Board with me - it's a local variation of Monopoly. (I won!)

Lily's adorable new hat from Great Grandma & Great Granddad Mellor.

Opening new pj's!!

Sitting on the bag of books Granny Kay sent home with us. She sits on the funniest things. Sure do love our baby girl.

My youngest cousins....Katie & Annie Gortson. Such pretty little girls.

My grandma, her son (my dad) and Lily.... Lily sure does love her Opa (she can already say "Opa" - it's so cute.)

"Smile, Lily!"

What a good mommy, Lily, feeding your baby - actually it's Tori's baby doll, but that doesn't really matter.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunday School kids singing

A few of our cute Sunday school kiddos practicing for their next time singing in church.....

(You might want to pause my Christmas music before playing this video!)

I know everyone will think I'm being prejudiced, but I just love watching AJ in this video - he can make me laugh so easily!