Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our pretty/rough and tumble Olivia Faith

Here are pictures of Olivia - the first one taken on Christmas Day and the second one taken on Boxing Day.  She is a sweet little princess and loves to get dirty with the best of them.  We sure love our precious Livy Lou!

Luke a driver??????

Lukey Boy is growing up!

It's so hard to believe that this year, Luke will be taking his driving test.  I must admit that it will be a little nice to be able to send him to the store for me, though.  :-)

He'll be 16 in September, but he was pretty happy to get his instruction book in his stocking for Christmas from Oma and Opa so he can get a head start on studying.

Olivia and Sophia

I just LOVE this picture.  It was taken on a Sunday afternoon.  Olivia had awaken from her nap and wanted to give Sophia a treat.  She was unable to reach the treat jar, so she improvised.  I love that Sophia is just sitting there like a good girl waiting patiently for her treat.

My boots!!!!

My boots!

Since our accident in 2003, due to the inflexibility of my prosthetic foot, I have been unable to find winter boots that I could get to go onto my foot.  But not this year!

This year I was able to find these nice, warm and CUTE winter boots.  My foot has been warm and cozy throughout the very cccccold and snowy winter we've been experiencing.


AJ got braces!

These pictures were taken before and after AJ got his braces on his top teeth.  Now he has them on both top and bottom.  They are estimating that he'll need to have them on for about 18 months.  He goes on March 4th for his first tightening.  Years ago, they used to actually tighten them.  Now they replace the wire with one a little less flexible, gradually getting stronger and stronger.  I think his teeth have already moved a bit.  He was pretty uncomfortable for about three days after he got them, which I remember being pretty typical.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Introducing Sophia FaithAnne Harris!
Born on November 17, 2013.  
Joined the Harris family on January 18th, 2014

Sour Cream Glazed Donuts

All I can say is, "MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm!" to homemade donuts.

It is most definitely winter in Ontario!

Snow, snow and more snow

Here are Luke and AJ in the front yard trying to take the top of the snow piles down to make room for more snow.

Jeff helping the boys.  The snow was up to their shoulders!

Sophia (our one-year-old golden retriever puppy) thoroughly enjoys the snow.  She's so much fun for me to watch and for the kids to play with in the snow.

Long Time No Blogging!

It's hard to believe that it's been almost two years since I blogged.  So much has happened in this time, there is no way that I could catch up on everything.  The most recent exciting event is the sale of our old church building and purchase of our new building!

Praise the Lord that the Division Street building is officially SOLD!

So many precious memories at the blessings of the Lord in our old building.

109 Chaffey - the new home of Beacon Baptist Church

 Our new school room on the main level with lots of big windows.

SO many people have worked many hours fixing up our new building.
It is beautiful and we are so thankful.