Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

A view of the front of the house from inside the kitchen.
Luke is at the front door.

Victoria and Olivia in the kitchen.
You can now see the makeshift railing
around the basement stairwell where
there will be a nicer one eventually.

Jeff in the livingroom.
Most of the demo is now done.
Next is electric and plumbing work.
The drywallers will be there on Thursday.

The bathroom.

The view down the hallway all the way
 to the livingroom from the bathroom.

The livingroom.
I like this shot - I am looking forward
to doing a slideshow and fading the same shot
throughout the construction process.

Finally, a couple of pictures of me!

Thursday, Apri 26, 2012

Victoria funny pose!

This is the smallest bedroom....

The view of the livingroom from the kitchen. 
The wall used to come from the right all the way to the pole. 
 It's so much more opened up now. 
We are talking about putting a peninsula coming out a few feet
from the left between the kitchen and livingroom.

Looking at the kitchen from the livingroom. 
 There will be a railing around the opening
to the basement stairs. 
It won't give any more actual space,
but it will look so much bigger.
(Jeff and Emilio are in this picture.)

The bathroom. 
The tub will be under the window
with a linen closet
in the corner at the end of the tub.

Another kitchen view with Victoria and AJ in this picture.

The livingroom wall... 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roofing Video

AJ helping Jeff roof the new house.
What a great opportunity this house has been for
our family: working together, the kids learning new skills!

Friday, April 20, 2012

43 Abbey Road - Finishing the roof & Starting on the Inside

Wednesday, April 18th

AJ got to go up on the roof and help!

Friday, April 20th
Here are some of the "before" pictures on the inside of the house....


Standing close to the front door in the livingroom.
You can see the kitchen through the doorway.

Another view of the livingroom ...

Another view of the livingroom -
from the end of the hallway by the bathroom.

Standing with my back to the kitchen
in the livingroom facing the front door.
(There used to be a wall where that opening on the left is now.)

In the kitchen facing the livingroom.



In the hallway facing the bathroom.
There used to be a linen closet at the end of this hallway.

Standing at the front door.
You can see just a bit of the kitchen at the right.

Yet another view of the livingroom/kitchen.

I am hoping to take pictures from these same spots
throughout the renovation process.  (Stay tuned......)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More renovation pictures

For some reason, all of these pictures loaded with the most recent first - sorry!  
Don't forget that if you click on the picture, you can see a bigger view.

Tuesday, April 17th
Olivia happy with her Tootsie Pop while everyone else is working!  She wanted to wear her princess dress today.

Luke, AJ & Tori picking out stones from the dirt in the front yard after school.

Emilio, Jeff, Ben & Uncle Herb working on the roof.

Rene took several loads of shingles to the landfill today and helped Jeff take out the chimney yesterday.

A view of where the chimney used to be from inside the house.

Taking off shingles.....

Helloooooo!  I'm in the house and Jeff's on the roof!  :-)

Tuesday, April 10th
After the dirt was all spread out and mulch placed along the front - notice the chimney still in place.

A nice new porch at the back. 

Jeff and Emilio each have two rocks that are now at the front of the house that they found when digging around the foundation.  I think it looks pretty nice.