Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some "after" pictures and a few more "before" pictures

This is what an area in our basement looked 13 days ago (on October 10th)....

This area would eventually become our office area.  The doorway at the end is to a washroom.

Furnace Room

The chest freezer will go here...

Looking from the office towards AJ's room


Hallway to bedrooms/laundry room/washroom

Another view of livingroom

Kitchen - there is now a corner cupboard that we had built.

AJ cutting tile for the den in the basement

The downstairs washroom.  I LOVE it - I think the black and white is just gorgeous.  Jeff picked everything out and did a fantastic job.

You can see the office is set up, but is being used as a workroom right now.

Furnace Room/Off season clothing storage

The Den - the TV for video games/DVD's will be in this room, 
along with bookcases and some seating.