Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Even More.....

Lily's hair in pigtails for the first time - I think she likes them!

Actually, she looks like she know exactly how cute she is, doesn't she?

Hide & Seek!
She doesn't look like it bothers her that she's been caught red-handed!

We let AJ & Victoria play outside in the rain for about 15 minutes after church on Sunday night. They had so much fun!

Sleeping Beauty #1

Sleeping Beauty #2

Tori's hair looks so pretty like this.

Some more random pictures from June!

Here are a few more of Tori's birthday:

Luke is such a great big brother helping Tori get her Barbies out of the boxes.

The Birthday Girls - Tori's on the 21st and mine on the 23rd

Lily feeding herself some yogurt for the very first time!

What a mess!

And then she's cleaning up - what a good girl!

Little Bo Peep

Everything's Good!

"Now you kids better behave yourselves....or else!!"

Awww ... pretty girl with a flower in her hair and chocolate all over her mouth. What a great combination.
The same just a few years older.....

Last Day of School Picnic at the Park

The students of Beacon Baptist School 2009-2010: Luke Harris, AJ Harris, Victoria Harris, Caleb Tourangeau & Colin Wellard

Our two youngest students playing in the rocks.

Victoria, the only girl in the school.

Da Boyz!

Muscle-man Caleb!

A rare serious picture of AJ.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pictures from the last couple of weeks.....

Lily loves this little kitchen set in our church nursery.
Lily with her best buddy, Carter.

Lily found this box in the kitchen and had fun playing in it.

Eating ice cream all by herself!

Victoria is playing with a set of nursery rhyme characters crocheted by my grandma. I played with them when I was Victoria's age. I was thrilled when my grandma gave them to me.

"Two peas in a pod!"


Our new mailbox on our freshly painted garage!
AJ with the section of brick he helped Jeff with.

Victoria helping out with the garage.

My climatis - looks lots better in person. It's just gorgeous this year.

Lily's new ball - it's bigger than she is!