Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Olivia Singing

Olivia doesn't start singing for about 25 seconds, but it's worth the wait! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Olivia borrowed one of our greeter's name tags last Sunday!

Our pretty Victoria Faith.

Olivia's first French braids - whew!  What a job!

Olivia borrowed AJ's hat.

Sleeping Beauty #1

Sleeping Beauty #2

The guys in our family patiently waaaaaaiting for the girls in our family shopping at Wal-Mart.

A sweet moment with AJ & Olivia.

Yay!  Olivia looking pretty in her dress from her friend, Olivia's mommy.

Comin' for a visit - yay!

Olivia Faith Harris

This is Olivia and me in the nursery last night.

A quick ride on the horsey at the mall.  That poor horse.  I think it would like to retire after carrying all those kids (actually just Victoria rode with Olivia for a second and then she got off!)  :-)

Olivia tried on Daddy's slippers.....

Our four precious children at the Remembrance Day service at the Welland Legion.

Yeehaw!!!  Now this horsey is going to be reeeeeeally tired!  :-)

Pretty Olivia!

Our oldest and youngest kiddos.

Olivia with her new buddy Carter.  Olivia gave Carter a kiss on Sunday and then he said that since she did that, that he was going to have to marry her now!  :-)
We sure are enjoying getting to know Olivia better.  She is such a sweetie and is fitting very well into our family.