Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beacon Baptist Church is Moving!

We are all "over-the-top" thrilled about our move to 119 Division Street here in Welland. Our new building is a very short walk from our old building which is a real plus. We are glad to continue to be located right in the middle of downtown Welland.

Our current building has been a God-send and we love it. It seats (packed and jammed) about 45 people. Our nursery is a remodeled camping trailer in the driveway. It's hard to believe that we've been at 2 Market Square for over 3 years now.

Our new building has a full basement with a kitchen, nursery and lots of space for Sunday school/day school classrooms. Just the way it sits right now, it would seat 140 in the auditorium. We even have a very nice sized grassy, fenced backyard.
We are actually trading buildings with the church that currently occupies 119 Division Street. In my opinion, that is unheard of. It is going to be a really great move for both churches. The church who is going to occupy our building has a much smaller and older congregation and our building is going to suit them very well. It is extremely handicap-accessible and there's lots of space for them.
There are many upgrades that need to be done to our new building. It is not at all handicap-accessible which is one of our two main priorities. The other is making it fire-safe. It is quite an older building, but beautiful, so it will need some sprucing up. Please pray for Jeff as I have a feeling, I won't be seeing him much in the near future aside from bringing him lunch and supper at the church. Once he has such a big project like this, he will most likely keep working non-stop until the jobs are complete. I think I'll be reintroducing myself to him in about two months or so. :-)

The above room is currently used as a prayer room and will be renovated to be our nursery. Unbelievable that our nursery will actually be located inside the church building! :-)

The ladies especially are thrilled about the full kitchen that is located in the basement of our new church building.


  1. AMEN!! That is just wonderful Virginia! I'm so happy for y'all and for the church.

  2. I am just SO THRILLED to see those pictures! Happy for you and your ministry, Virg!