Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Camp YES!

Well, I drove the three older children to camp YES located between London and Chatham, Ontario, on Monday. They were all so excited. They will be spending 5 nights there and I'll be picking them up on Saturday morning. This is Luke's 4th time, AJ's 2nd time and Victoria's very first time to go to camp. Victoria seemed to be equally excited and nervous.

Here are Victoria and Lily on Victoria's bunk for the week. She is right by two big windows, so that should be nice. And she even has some shelves beside her bed.

Here is Victoria and the other girls in her group. Her counsellor is at the back and her name is Brittany.

One last BIG hug before Mommy has to leave her baby girl -----I don't know who was more nervous, Tori or me!!!!

This is the building where all the girls sleep. They are broken down into groups of around 4 girls per counsellor.

AJ is unpacking his snacks already. Here is where he is sleeping.

The boys are in a nice area of the building by a whole wall of windows. AJ canNOT sleep without a fan (in his opinion), so when we walked in that part of the room, there was a fan on one of the beds and AJ said, "AHA, MY FAN!!!!" Funny boy.

My big boy Luke unpacking!

Luke, his friend Austin, Titus (a boy from Austin's church) and Lily-Bug on Luke's bed.

One more quick picture before it's time to go----and of course, AJ is incapable of a normal look on his face. At least he was being himself!

And here's our sweet little Lily sleeping on the long drive home. It was a 3 hour drive one way. I'm not sure why I thought it was only 2, but I was wrong.

It is Wednesday morning now, and we haven't received any phone calls from any homesick children, so that's good.
If you want to send the kids an e-mail while they're at camp, you can go to the camp website and go to the contact page and there is a form you can fill out to send them a note!

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