Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Drywall is done - time to paint!

Yay!!  The drywall is all done. 
Now is the cleaning/painting phase,
as well as plumbing and installation of
flooring, tub, sinks, toilet and all appliances - whew! 

We have only 9 more nights in this house. 
 Praying for a miracle that the new house
will be at least done enough to move right in. 

Our stove doesn't come in until May 24th,
so we might be living on pbj's for a while!!

Here is Olivia wearing my new pink hard hat
that my dad bought for me.


My mom and Luke eating some stirfry that I
brought over for them.  Taking a quick break from

Rene putting primer on the ceiling of my room.

Girls' Room

In livingroom looking down hallway to bathroom.


Laundry Room - Guest Room

Looking down the hallway from the bathroom
to the livingroom.

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