Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wednesday, March 20th

After driving for 7.5 hours, we just couldn't sit around the hotel.
We hopped on the shuttle bus to the subway and then into
Washington, D.C.

Olivia loooooved the subway.  She called it the "train-train". 

Washington Monument 

Capitol Bldg.

World War II Memorial 

Lincoln Memorial
This is the one thing I wanted most to see.
The walk to & from this from the subway stop was
I walked 3 miles in the two days in D.C.
I think that's the most I've walked in two days since the accident.

Luke liked seeing the policeman on horseback.

Here it is, folks!

The kids with the reflecting pond and the Washington Memorial in the background.

The White House waaaay in the distance. 

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