Sunday, December 28, 2008

After church this morning....

We've been having very windy weather here today. Just as we got home from church this morning, the lights blinked once and then blinked again and went out. The power was only out for a few minutes, but of course the kids thought it was wonderfully exciting. They were actually a bit disappointed when the lights came back on.

Since I started making lunch when the power was out, I just grabbed whatever I could find that didn't need electricity to make. So they had chicken noodles (Sidekicks), mixed fruit (leftover from Christmas breakfast), a tomato/basil rice cake and some chocolate covered pretzels. When I called the kids for lunch, they asked the predictable question, "What are we eating?" And I gave my normal response, "Food!" Luke went to his spot and just looked at his plate. After a few seconds, he said in a voice that sounded surprised, "I like everything on my plate!" :-) He has become an increasingly picky eater, so that was unusual coming from him.

The boys wore their new suits they got from Christmas this morning. I had to hem the pants and the sleeves on the jackets for both boys. Not a chore I love, but they sure looked nice. Even Tori had sponge rollers in her hair last night, so she looked pretty with curls this morning.

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