Monday, December 29, 2008

Wireless Internet

I now am able to go online in the comfort of basically anywhere in my house. Thank you to Cameron Cook who got everything hooked up and working so well.

This morning, my mom, Luke, AJ, Victoria and I took off to cross the border into Niagara Falls, NY, to do some shopping. The line at the border wasn't too bad, but busier than normal. I think we probably waited about 10 minutes till it was our turn to talk to the customs officer.

We went to the post office to check the mail first. The children were very excited to see a package from Aunt Jody. They weren't thrilled with the fact that they had to wait until we got home to open it, though. Then we went to Dollar Tree and picked up a few things. My mom got some Christmasy things for half price. (She's such a great shopper!) After that was Wal-Mart (of course) -- no Weight Watchers bagels for Jeff, though. It's rare that they have them, but I tried. I got some more white lights for my tree for next year (50% off - of course!). After Wal-Mart was the most exciting stop of the day for the children -- Wendy's! The the boring stop (but main reason for going) - Aldi's. Got stocked up on low-fat ice cream sandwiches for Jeff and lots of other good stuff to eat! Then we headed home.

I didn't have to wait behind even one person at the border on the Canadian side. YEA!

The Cook's brought pizza over (Yum! Yum!) No one complained about supper tonight!! I've been on my computer since the Cook's left at about 9:15pm and it's now 11:20, so I think I will call it a night. I got a new family picture taken at church last night, but the camera isn't close by, so I'll have to post it later.

I hope I can keep up with this...... Good night, sleep tight, may all your dreams come true......

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