Friday, March 27, 2009

Missions Conference

Tonight was the last night of our First Annual Faith-Promise Missions Conference. It was such a blessing. We had good crowds out each evening and it was wonderful and stirring to hear the vision and burden of the missionaries.

We had the privilege of having Jason & Lacey MacRae, missionaries to India and Sarah Glover, missionary to New Guinea with us this week.

We also watched the dvd presentations from one of the missionaries that we support in Vietnam as well as one from an orphanage in Cambodia.

The children all were thrilled to see the missionary's tables. Jeff remembers enjoying looking at the tables of missionaries when he was a child.

This was the first introduction of the idea of faith-promise missions giving for our church folks. Well, actually for most of them. One couple that comes to our church used to attend the Peoples Church in Toronto when Oswald J. Smith was the pastor. The man was actually one of the elders there and did home repairs in the home of the Smiths. Oswald J. Smith has been called "the father of faith promise missions", so I suspect that was not a new concept to these folks.

The children are all at their grandparents tonight, so I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow morning. We have a pancake breakfast fundraiser for the school tomorrow morning, but I want to sleep as last as possible and still not be late!


  1. How nice. Lacey looks so much like her mom. And what a treat to see Sarah! She was always such a sweetie in college. Has she already been to the mission field?

  2. Sarah has been to New Guinea on a survey trip, but is planning to be there for the first time as a full-time missionary hopefully by the end of the summer.