Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is Coming!

As I write this, I look out the window and see this big bright yellow ball in the sky. I'm really not exactly sure what it is, but I faintly remember seeing it in the sky before.....

It is a bright sunny day today and the weather is suppose to be beautiful all weekend long. Our school is off for a two-week Spring Break. The kids (and teachers) are looking forward to the time off!

Right now, Luke, AJ and Victoria are watching Scooby-Doo after having pancakes for breakfast. Sounds like a good way to start Spring Break to me! Lily is at her grandparents' home, but will be back home later today.

Today is our monthly ladies' meeting at our church. We are going to begin stuffing Easter eggs for our annual Easter egg hunt for the kids on Easter Sunday. I think the adults enjoy it almost as much as the kids do!

Please pray for my mom and dad as they are traveling to NW Indiana for Pastors' School. They left yesterday and stopped in Michigan. They'll be traveling the rest of the way today. My parents got to the Windsor, Ontario/Detroit, Michigan border and when my mom looked at the passport she had in her hand to give to the customs officer, she realized that she had my passport!!! We cross twice a month together to go shopping, so we'd accidentally had each others' passports when we crossed this past Monday. Thankfully she had her birth certificate and drivers' licence, so she was okay. But after June 1st, she wouldn't have been allowed to cross!!! Whew!!

This is a picture of Luke, AJ, Victoria, Lily and Caleb. Caleb is our kindergarten student and also Lily's cousin!


  1. Well, I can't complain about the winter weather here in S. California, although it does get pretty cold for us too. =] Our spring break is not until April. I can't wait!

  2. Wow! That's a close call with the passport. Glad your mom made it across the border. We talk about going to Niagara Falls in the next few years. We'll have to see you then.