Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday night with Oma & Opa - post #1

Victoria with the apple pie that she helped to make at the Laverdiere's house. It was delicious and she just beamed when everyone said so.
Oma and her Lily-Bug! When my parents got here on Friday, Lily just about RAN to the door when I said that Oma was here!! She sure does love her Oma and her Oma sure does love her!

Opa hearing all about the boys' trip and looking at AJ's map of Kentucky. AJ loves maps.

Jeff does not love having his picture taken, but after a few goofy faces, cooperated for a nice one!

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  1. Virginia,
    You all look so wonderful. Thank you for the verses. I am keeping track of all the verses that people gave me that encouraged them. You have come to mind often lately. Kelly