Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our PA Trip

Lily and her buddy, John-Boy Watson
This is a new development....starting for no apparent reason on Friday afternoon and has continued until now, every time we ask Lily to smile, this is the face she makes! Hilarious, but I hope she's not still doing it the next time we get family pictures done! Looks like she's yelling to me!

Hannah Watson and the boys.

The little girls' table.

Our oldest three children at the Christmas display at Kraynak's in Hermitage, PA.

Luke, 10 years old

AJ, 8 years old

Victoria Faith, 7 years old

Baby Lily, 15 months old

Looking at the beautiful Christmas trees and lights....

Our happy family!

Doug & Lisa Watson, Hannah, Sarah, Lydia & John

Buddies - John & Lily

My two girls playing this morning with the latest and greatest in children's toys!

Our baby boy and baby girl playing on the floor this afternoon after church. Such happy little kiddos I get to love!

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