Friday, February 26, 2010

Skating on Family Day with the Feere's

We have kind of a tradition to meet our friends, the Feere family, on Family Day (a national holiday in February...for my American friends!) :-) to go ice skating. Our children all look forward to it (as do we adults). They are on deputation to be missionaries to Africa. We're going to miss them!

Here is Luke with his friend, Austin Feere.
My friend, Ida Feere, with Lily and Moi!

Brendin Feere with his dad and Jeff.

Bestest friends...Bethany Feere & Tori


Everyone had such a great time. AJ was there, but somehow missed getting photographed. We missed Emily Feere who was visiting her grandmother.

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  1. Austin says hi to Luke and A.J. those pictures turned out great! We are going to miss you guys terribly!!

    Love ya,