Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disney Princesses on Ice

Here we are in the car getting ready to leave for the Disney Princesses on Ice show.

We got a great parking spot right across the street and are getting ready to walk over to Copps Collesium.

Waiting in line for the doors to open. They opened just seconds after we got in line.

I told Victoria she could get one snack and one souvenier. Soooo...$35 later she had cotton candy (that came with a crown) and a scepter-blinking light thingy!

The happy girls with Tori's lighted scepter.

Taking turns with Victoria's crown.

Victoria's turn (complete with sticky cotton candy face and mouth!)

Yikes! I get shivers just thinking about all that stickiness. They did enclose a wet wipe in the cotton candy bag - great idea, eh?

I took mostly video since it was so dark that most of the pictures are blurry, but here are the best of the pictures. Here is Tinker Bell and some Prince - not sure if it's Prince Charming or who it is.

Mickey & Minnie

Waiting in line for the washroom at intermission. We were about 50th in line for the girls' washroom and there was NO line at all for the boys' washroom! Go figure!

Cinderella & Prince Charming

All of the princesses with their princes.

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