Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bon Fire & Anniversary Sparklers

The sunsets here are just so gorgeous!

I know you can't really see Tori's face in this picture,
but I love how she looks with the sunset behind her.

Now you can see her pretty face!

Luke is chopping wood in preparation for starting a fire.

AJ is cleaning up....

Ahhhh....what a nice fire (with a little help from Dad!)

What a happy 13 years of marriage we have enjoyed!

AJ said his marshmallow looked like it had a funny face.

So he is making a funny face, too!

Victoria wanted us to use the sparklers on Monday for our anniversary!

But she really wanted us to hold ONE sparkler at the same time,

apparently, which we finally figured out after she kept handing

us a sparkler. Glad we got that one figured out!

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