Monday, August 1, 2011

Tammy's Cove Cottage

The neatest welcome sign as you turn on to the street for the cottage!

The back of the cottage as seen from the end of the dock.



We got to the cottage, ate some sandwiches and went right into the lake!


Luke getting into the "boat".....


Gorgeous Sunset - thank you, Lord!

Luke, AJ & my water shoe(s).

The sun seemed to set so quickly out here.

Our beautiful baby girl, Victoria.

Jeff & Luke having some sort of philosophical discussion.

Day Two!

Tori enjoyed some quiet time alone

out by the water this morning

with her stuffed turtle,

named Johnny Appleseed!

Jeff & the boys had some fun playing catch.

It is just so nice to get away for a while!

Cute little painted rocks to welcome us!

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