Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thursday, Apri 26, 2012

Victoria funny pose!

This is the smallest bedroom....

The view of the livingroom from the kitchen. 
The wall used to come from the right all the way to the pole. 
 It's so much more opened up now. 
We are talking about putting a peninsula coming out a few feet
from the left between the kitchen and livingroom.

Looking at the kitchen from the livingroom. 
 There will be a railing around the opening
to the basement stairs. 
It won't give any more actual space,
but it will look so much bigger.
(Jeff and Emilio are in this picture.)

The bathroom. 
The tub will be under the window
with a linen closet
in the corner at the end of the tub.

Another kitchen view with Victoria and AJ in this picture.

The livingroom wall... 

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