Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More renovation pictures

For some reason, all of these pictures loaded with the most recent first - sorry!  
Don't forget that if you click on the picture, you can see a bigger view.

Tuesday, April 17th
Olivia happy with her Tootsie Pop while everyone else is working!  She wanted to wear her princess dress today.

Luke, AJ & Tori picking out stones from the dirt in the front yard after school.

Emilio, Jeff, Ben & Uncle Herb working on the roof.

Rene took several loads of shingles to the landfill today and helped Jeff take out the chimney yesterday.

A view of where the chimney used to be from inside the house.

Taking off shingles.....

Helloooooo!  I'm in the house and Jeff's on the roof!  :-)

Tuesday, April 10th
After the dirt was all spread out and mulch placed along the front - notice the chimney still in place.

A nice new porch at the back. 

Jeff and Emilio each have two rocks that are now at the front of the house that they found when digging around the foundation.  I think it looks pretty nice.

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