Saturday, May 9, 2009

Family Group Conference

The family group conference was today where the extended family of both Mason & Lily attended to formulate a plan upon which everyone agreed for their long-term care.

This morning my stomach felt like it did when I was in trouble as a kid. I don't know WHY I was so nervous. I guess it was fear of the unknown. Things went well at the meeting. It was LONG - 5 hours - but we believe that good plans for both children were put into place.

The family agreed to place Lily in our home permanently. We will file for permanent custody of Lily with her biological family keeping in contact. The family agreed to place Mason in the home of his aunt and uncle with whom he stayed for almost a year the last time he was removed from his home. They will also be filing for permanent custody.
We are both emotionally exhausted, but very happy with the decisions that were made. I called our older three children who had spent the night with my parents to tell them the news and Victoria squealed with joy and shouted, "Whoo Hoo!!! I get a baby sister. She can play dolls with me!" So sweet.
Thank you all who have been praying. This is by no means the end of the road. There is still much legal work that must be done. Please continue to pray for us as we prayerfully raise these four wonderful children God has placed in our home!


  1. I have been praying about this Virginia! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift. Glad everything went so well.What a blessed little girl Lily is!

  2. Oh Virginia this is just wonderful!! Praise the Lord the children will be cared for. Lily will be loved and she is so blessed to have a mom like you!!
    Happy Mothers Day, Virginia!!!

    Love you,
    Paula Seavey