Monday, May 25, 2009

Garden Planting Day

Here the children are planting their vegetable garden. Jeff divided it into 3 sections. AJ was the first one to have a chance to start working on his part of the garden. We only had one little shovel for them to use, so everyone had to take turns. I was very happy to watch them working together and taking turns.
AJ chose the biggest section. Here he is working on making his rows. He is planting two rows of onions and 2 - half rows of green beans (they're actually the vegetable that Lily chose - so he's doing her garden for her!) :-)

AJ is now planting and Luke is working on making his rows. I was supervising from the porch and I was very pleased with how well they did with only verbal instructions.
Okay - the boys are planting and now Victoria has the shovel and is working on making her rows.

Victoria is VERY carefully planting her itty bitty little carrot seeds.Luke is planting romaine lettuce seeds and they are REALLY small, too. He was getting a little frustrated trying to space them just right until he got the idea to use a little rock the right size to go between seeds.Victoria is inspecting her work thus-far. I think she's pleased.AJ is just about finished planting his first row of onions. He doesn't even like to eat onions, which is so funny. Not really sure why he chose them! We've decided to pick every other onion and use them as spring onions and then let the rest grow really big and pick at the end of the season.

Lily is Chief Supervisor Baby safe in her super-saucer on the porch. I think right here she is saying, "Get back to work, Kids!" Everyone is happy with a job well-done!


  1. That's neat! I think next year (When I'm not having a new baby!) I'll get my boys to each have a garden of their own.

  2. I like that garden! Matt is always saying he wants one. This Georgia clay makes it tricky, but we could do it. By the way, your Lily is sooo precious!

  3. Love it! last summer when we had our garden my boys LOVED taking care of it. Hope your boys enjoy your garden.

    Love to all,
    Paula S