Friday, July 24, 2009

My Flowers

Here are pictures of some of the flowers I have in my flowerbeds in the front and side of our house.

This is suppose to be a hanging basket, but I have it on a stand. I spoke at a ladies' meeting for Brian & Rachel Johnston - Gospel Light Baptist Church in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The theme was "Seeds of Kindness" and a lady gave a demonstration on how to make your own hanging baskets. She had the basket and all the flowers. She showed how to place them, etc. Then she gave them to me. So I planted it and surprise, surprise, it actually looks great!

Actually this climatis is in the backyard sharing the ground with the children's gardens. I wish I knew how to tie it up right. A lot of it is just along the ground.

This one lily plant had 34 blooms on it - unbelieveable!

My mom got this Easter lily for our church for Easter '08. We brought it home with plans to plant it, but it completely died before I got around to it. Finally I thought I'd try and plant it anyway - it certainly couldn't hurt. It came back up a few months later with 2 plants instead of 1 and this year 3 lilies came up with a total of 6 blooms. Not in time for Easter, of course, but that's okay. They're so pretty.

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  1. Looks like you have a green thumb! All of your flowers are so pretty!