Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Week at the Cottage

We had a wonderful week at the cottage on the Oxtongue Lake near Algonquin Park. I have lots more pictures than these, but there are still a lot here. Hope you enjoy them.

Luke and AJ - very excited about our vacation! This is at the Harvey's in Orillia on our way to the cottage.

Jeff and AJ - Jeff doesn't really love to have his picture taken, but he had a very well-deserved break and had a fun, restful time. I'm so glad.

Me and Lily - even she looks excited, I think!

Yea, here we go!

AJ and Tor-Tor!

Luke might be just a LITTLE bit excited - ya think?

Lily's very first time in the lake. She just loved it.

They all went into the water just as soon as we got there. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday. It's a good thing they did, because the weather was the nicest that day. Every other day it rained, but not all day. It didn't stop the kids at all. I don't think they missed a day in the lake.

Jeff with Lily and the boys in the paddle boat.

Getting out of the lake and gonna get dried off for a bit.

I love this picture. It's Jeff going down the slide. It's been a very long time since he's had this much time to have fun and relax.

I had red polish, Lily had pink, so Victoria wanted both!

Victoria wanted me to post pictures of the nail polish that we used.

Everyone's got pretty toes for church!

Takin' a break after her very first time in Oxtongue Lake. What a cutie.

She has all those toys, but would rather play with the lotion - oh, well!

Getting ready to go canoeing.

A bit closer picture of Lily snug in her adorable little lifevest.

The other canoe with Jeff, AJ, Lily (yes, she's there if you look carefully) and Victoria.

Me facing my fear of people staring at me and had a great time canoeing with the family. SO glad I did it.

AJ playing in the lake.

Lukey in the kayak.

She had the best time at the cottage. Lily is such a good, happy baby. She just LOVED going in the lake, too! Wasn't the least bit scared, either.

My all-time favourite picture of Lily. So cute with extra sunscreen on her little nosie!

Doing chores even on holidays - what a good girl, Victoria!

Luke, AJ & Victoria working on one of their many sandcastles.

Roasting marshmallows by the fireplace.


The girls playing with the horsey before deflating it to get packed.

A sampling of the fudge we found in Dwight, Ontario. Don't ever buy this, because you'll automatically be addicted. We were assured by the store owner that they DO ship it if we want. The chewy praline was the favourite of Jeff and me.

Right before we left I got this picture of our cottage. We had such a wonderful time. We're really hoping that we get to come back again next summer and stay in the same cottage. It was just perfect for the 6 of us.


  1. Fun pictures, Virg! Glad to see your family doing so well.

  2. That looks like a blast!! So glad you were able to get away and have some relaxation time...