Thursday, July 16, 2009

Port Dalhousie

I took the four kiddos and met Lynn Tourangeau and her boys, Caleb & Joshua at Port Dalhousie today. They have a 104 year old carousel that you can ride on for 5 cents. Lily just absolutely loved it. Her first ride was on a non-moving horse and then she moved up to a moving horse and loved every minute of it.

Our two handsome boys having a great time on the carousel. Big independent boy Luke paid the whole 25 cents for his own rides!!!

Here's Victoria taking a ride.....

Caleb, Victoria, Luke, Lily and AJ waiting patiently in line for another ride.

Our sweet little Lily-girl - she is such a precious little munchkin.

Victoria buried AJ in the sand. Here they are with Joshua.

What a beautiful day at the carousel/playground/beach/lake. The weather was gorgeous and the children were so well behaved and a wonderful time was had by all.

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