Tuesday, September 8, 2009

25th Annual Corn Roast

Labour Day - Corn Roast at my parents' place. It started out the first year as a birthday party for my dad which landed coincidentally right after the Ladies' Conference that my home church hosted. Everyone loved having a time of fellowship right after all the hard work for Ladies' Conference that it became a tradition. I'm not sure how many were held right after Ladies' Conference, but at some point the "get together" turned into a Corn Roast on Labour Day - techincally a "Corn Boil" but a great time regardless of what it's called.

My beautiful mom with Lily right before people started arriving....
Somehow Lily got the most pictures taken of her (poor AJ - didn't even get one of him. He may be accurate in his self description of "chopped liver". Poor guy!)

Victoria, Crystal Crow & Madison Cote

Mrs. Nickel with Lily and Dusty

My dad let Lily play with the ice cubes in his juice.

The traditional baseball game.....
Tina Cote & me
Marie Taylor, Hanna Cosby, Linda Nickel & Tracy Lock
My beautiful mom and me....
The love of my life xoxoxoxoxo

Mrs. Sharon Kiper (my parents' pastor's wife) & Tori


  1. Looks fun. I'm so laughing at the chopped liver comment! Poor AJ! LOL

  2. I really love your post. sound like fun and the children looks so nice. I HAVE a blog at Heavlyplace5.blogspot.com its not finsh will post pic soon just not sure how to do that yet mrs Jennie walter will have to show me that one soon but come on over and see she my pastor wife.she help me put it togather.have a good day.