Friday, September 18, 2009

Some September Pictures

Here is my little boy AJ who isn't very little any more. He wanted to help pump the gas the other day and did a really good job.
Luke and Tori waiting patiently :-) in the van.

Even Lily is being such a good baby girl.

This was after our first day at school....yes, I still have all of my hair!

Victoria helping Lily walk behind her car.

Such a pretty girl - she loves playing with the fridge magnets.

She's getting so big - Lily pulled herself up all by herself.

With Lily's newfound mobility, the children have a new dimension added to their school day...

She's such a cutie.

I love it when she points like this.

My handsome big boy, Luke.


  1. Virginia,
    Wow! How quickly they grow! Lilly is so adorabale!!! AJ pumping gas! Oh, the memories from when Paul and Caleb first pumped gas!

    Enjoyed your pictures :)