Saturday, September 5, 2009

Grand Opening Service Info

Here is a picture of the inside of our new church building. Updated pictures will be posted soon. Much work has been done to the outside and basement of our building and some to the sanctuary. It is such a miracle how God gave us this building. Jeff wrote the story down to share with our supporting churches. I will ask him for a copy to post here. It is long, but so amazing!

Here is a picture of the outside (obviously!) :-) Since this picture was taken, we have a new sign above the door, the awning has been removed, the top of the front of the building repainted and the front door repainted.

We are on the countdown for our Grand Opening service later today......4 hours, 5 minutes and counting. Our church family has really pitched in getting things ready. We are all so very excited to give God all the glory for our wonderful "new to us" building. The building is actually over 100 years old. The previous pastor recently gave Jeff the original plans for the building of our building. We would like to get some of them professionally framed to hang. They're very neat to hold.

Please pray for our service today...5pm this afternoon at 119 Division Street, Welland, Ontario. Dr. LeRoy Pennell, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Barrie, Ontario, will be our guest speaker.


  1. So exciting!! I Love to hear Bro Pennell preach. Praying all went well.
    Paula Seavey

  2. Very, very exciting Virginia. Can't wait to hear all about it. Praise God!