Friday, June 25, 2010

Pictures from the last couple of weeks.....

Lily loves this little kitchen set in our church nursery.
Lily with her best buddy, Carter.

Lily found this box in the kitchen and had fun playing in it.

Eating ice cream all by herself!

Victoria is playing with a set of nursery rhyme characters crocheted by my grandma. I played with them when I was Victoria's age. I was thrilled when my grandma gave them to me.

"Two peas in a pod!"


Our new mailbox on our freshly painted garage!
AJ with the section of brick he helped Jeff with.

Victoria helping out with the garage.

My climatis - looks lots better in person. It's just gorgeous this year.

Lily's new ball - it's bigger than she is!

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  1. The kids have all grown alot! Will you be here in Sept for East Coast Ladies Conf??