Sunday, June 6, 2010

Field Trip

Getting ready to leave to go to the Canadian Warplane Museum in Hamilton!
Lily's first bus ride. She wasn't sure what to think at first, but was very happy on Oma's lap.

I love this picture. Like father, like son!

On our way!
Austin & Luke


All the windows were open and it was very windy, so Jeff lent me his hat to keep my hair out of my face. AJ wanted me to wear it backwards!

Getting a bit sleepy

We're here!

Making name tags
Tori getting her pilot tag.

Lily wouldn't keep hers on, so we put it on her back! :-)

This was really neat - they showed the different stages a plane goes through on an aircraft carrier.

Craft Time!

Cute picture. Gabe will be in Kindergarten at our school next year.
Mrs. Gortson (aka my mom) (aka "General G")
Pilot Victoria
Pilot AJ

Pilot Luke
Song Time

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