Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going Swimming @ Oma & Opa's House

We have enjoyed having Austin visiting with us. At the time of this blog entry, he is already home and we already miss him!

On our way to go swimming. We had the windows open and Lily loved all the wind in her hair.

All the kiddos!



On the balance beam

Future Tightrope Walker

Austin doing a perfect dive - I give this one a "10"!

Luke doing a great dive.

AJ doing a flip off the diving board - these kids are amazing. I never did learn to dive and they dive, do flips - they're crazy! Glad they get to enjoy the pool so much.

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  1. These are great pictures!! Thanks so much for taking Austin in. He had the most terrific time! He even said that school wasn't that bad!! Wow! I was almost afraid that he wouldn't want to come home! Again, thank you for all of the new experiences he was able to take part in! Thank you also for the photo album you put together for him; that was really special! Love, Ida