Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Crib!!

Well, Lily finally has a crib! She's been sleeping in a playpen for the last month. The agency that placed her in our home has been wanting to get us a crib since the day she came to our home, but sadly they have been swamped with work. She has been sleeping just fine, but I'm still glad that we have a crib for her. Lily will be 6 months old on Friday and she's growing and is really starting to "talk". It's so much fun to watch.

We're having school at home again today. The flu has been taking turns afflicting our home/school/church and today it was my mom's turn. She is the Kindergarten teacher. Since she couldn't be there, we just went to school this morning got everyone's books and came home. When they're done each subject, we made a list of fun things and jobs to do....

Math - breakfast!! :-) fried egg sandwiches to be exact...Mmmmm!

Bible - clean up garbage and pick up twigs outside for 10 minutes

English - go on Webkinz for 10 minutes

Spelling - clean their room for 10 minutes

Penmanship (boys) - 10 minute break with a snack

Science (Tori) - 10 minute break with a snack

(boys) - 10 more minutes of outside work

Literature - all done - watch a movie or cartoons if they're still on!!!

Sounds like fun to me.....

As of right now, they have all had breakfast, the boys have had their 10 minutes outside, but Victoria was still working when they were outside. Luke is done English already and ready to go on Webkinz, but he and AJ have gone outside to help Victoria with her 10 minutes outside, so she doesn't have to be out there by herself. Lily is at the FACS office visiting with her mom and should be home in about 45 minutes.

Well, I guess I'd better get going, get some schoolwork checked and go have a snack!! I think a Fibre One bar sounds good right about now! Have a wonderful day. (Today it is very mild outside, kind of dreary. I think it's going to rain, but I'm SO enjoying the warmer's suppose to be cold again for the foreseeable future....back to winter! Oh, well!)

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  1. What great ideas, Virginia! To have a fun little breather in between subjects! I hope I do so well when I homeschool Cole next year!

    By the way, Victoria looks so cute at that table with her books and bowl!