Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Isn't Winter Ever Going to Be Over?

Here is AJ wiping out during gym class at the skating rink. Every time he fell he did it with such flair. He wouldn't just fall. When he felt himself starting to go down, he'd make a huge production out of it. He's quite the entertainer! :-)

We have all been doing well. After doing a paper route every morning at 5:45 for over a year, Luke has decided that he would like a break. So Monday will be his last day to do his papers. He has done so well setting his alarm and getting up every morning all on his own and doing his papers. I think he's going to miss his spending money, though. He's already talking about doing odd jobs in the neighbourhood this summer. He isn't even finished one job and already talking about another one. He even said that he might hire AJ to help him. He has an entrepreneur's heart just like his daddy!

AJ's excema has gotten terrible the last few weeks. The dr. gave him a prescription for 3 different creams as well as an oral antibiotic. We just saw the dr. on Monday and his skin is looking better already. He has one very big very bad spot, a few smaller bad spots and little spots all over his arms, legs, back and chest. Poor guy - it must be terribly uncomfortable! He's enjoying his daily bath time, though. He had graduated to showers, but the dr. said that a daily bath with lotion all over right away would help and it really has. All AJ cares about is that he gets to play with the bath toys every day!

Victoria is growing up too fast. She is a beautiful little girl with personality-plus! My mom and I finally convinced her to get her ears pierced before Christmas. She is finally able to change her earrings and she and I have fun every morning choosing her earrings for the day. She has rolling her eyes down to a science (which we are working on!) I thought that didn't start till the teen years? (She's only 6 years old!)

Lily is just such a cutie pie. She is getting bigger every day. She will be 6 months old next week! She loves her exersaucer and bounces and plays and coos! We are thoroughly enjoying having her with us. We keep thinking that she's teething. She always has her fingers in her mouth and chews on anything in arm's reach, but so far no teeth!

Well, I guess that's all for today. Pray for my dad today. He's having a colonoscopy. Poor guy! Since my mom teaches in our school and she couldn't be there today, we just did school at home today. Luke got his work done quickly, but AJ & Victoria are still working. I guess I'd better get this finished and go do some motivating!!

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  1. What a nice, newsy post! How old is Luke? I didn't realize he'd be old enough for his own paper route already. Wow! They do grow up fast, Virginia. Glad things are going smoothly with Lily.