Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Favourite Toy

While we're having supper, Lily loves to play with the salad dressing bottles or pop bottles, so when Jeff finished off a bottle of pop, he saved the empty bottle for Lily. We had so much fun watching her play with it. She kept dropping it and every time, she'd look right at Jeff and wait for him to pick it up and give it back to her.

Then Buckeye came into the room playing with one of her toys. Lily was really watching the dog play with her toy. She just kept staring at Buckeye.

Victoria wanted to give Buckeye a cookie and was making her jump for it. Look at Buckeye's tongue in the picture. I think she REALLY wanted a cookie!
Yesterday was Lily's 6th month birthday!


  1. If they could be content with a soda bottle forever. LOL Great pics on your blog! =]

  2. Cute! At least you don't need to buy her any toys for a while! Ha!

  3. She is precious! Isn't a baby in the house fun for older kids! My girls think they have a live doll!