Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Today Luke cut the grass for the very first time! My baby is growing up!! He did a really good job, too. And he had a great attitude about having to go over it again to get it right. This is a really big thing, because Jeff is very particular about how the grass looks, so he finally trusts Luke enough to let him cut the grass - well, at least the backyard for now! :-) He looks kind of unhappy in this picture, but he wasn't. I just called his name and snapped the picture. Sure do love this kiddo/young man of ours!
Luke and AJ pulling weeds in our vegetable garden. Victoria was helping, but she gets tired of doing it pretty quickly and does more playing than weeding.

Today is Canada Day and we have been busy working around the house and outside. Tonight we are meeting some friends and going to the lake to watch fireworks! Happy birthday to Canada!

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