Thursday, July 22, 2010

Strong's National Museum of Play

For a long time now, I have wanted to take the children to Strong's National Museum in Rochester, New York. I have two long-time friends who live in that general area, so we planned to meet there with our kiddos for the day. We had SUCH a great time. I already want to go back.

I guess I didn't get a chance to do Tori's hair, but I didn't realize it till I saw these pictures - oh, well. She had fun even if she did have scraggly hair.
Victoria Faith with "Brother" of the Berenstain Bears

Luke's turn. He's the big brother with "Brother"! Groan, I know!

Lily pulled herself closer so she could reach the train but still could barely reach. Poor kiddo. I had pity on her and got her out of her stroller so she could play more comfortably.

Everyone loved the train set.

Not sure what Super Hero Victoria is being, but she sure looks super! :-)

Lily still does that funny face when I say, "Smile!"

Lily wanted to get her picture with this thing. She wanted me to help her get on that seat and then asked for a picture. So funny! Then when she looks at the picture, she says, "Awwww!"

Tori had fun making some princessy crafts.

She even helped Lily to make some things. What a great big sister.

Brotherly Love at its finest.

AJ & Tori with Raggedy Anne.

The two sleepy pretty baby girls: Ryan & Lily! They are just a couple of months apart in age.

And here's the whole tired, but happy crew!

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