Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Visit with the Watson Family

A few pictures from our recent visit with our dear friends, the Watson family. It is always fun getting together with them because their four children are very close in age to ours.
Here is Lily with their youngest, John....he is about 2 months younger than Lily.

Lily absolutely LOVES the water, but she's not that into the whole splash pad idea - I guess it's the water falling down that she must not like. When she's in the pool, it's hard to get her to come out! So this is about as close as she got to the water.

The 3 Musketeers!

Tori had so much fun playing with GIRLS!!! Until just recently, we had only boys in our church and school.

Doug & Lisa with their two youngest - Lydia & John-boy!

My dear friend, Lisa & I.

Moi and Lily Bug

The big kids in Sunday school outside. I had them line up alternating Harris & Watson in order of their birth. Victoria is actually older than Sarah, but I wanted it to alternate families.

The whole crew!

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