Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Well, we had a few days with no snow, but it's back again. The news was forecasting a lot of snow for today, so we had the children at school take all of their books home just in case the weather was too bad to have school. This morning when we got up, the weather wasn't too bad, but when Jeff looked at Intellicast, he could see the major snow was on its way. He decided to cancel school for the day. So we are all sitting here at our dining room table looking out at the huge amount of snow falling down and the children are hard at work on their Math work.

The boys are very excited because Jeff got tickets (at an amazing price) to go to a monster truck show in Buffalo on Saturday night. They all love monster trucks and were so surprised when Jeff told them that he'd gotten tickets for them.

Looking out our window right now, I am so thankful for a nice warm house to keep me out of all that cold. The only bad thing about being in the house all day is that I am more tempted by all the yummy food in the house. At Temple Keepers last night, I was less than half a pound (.4) away from my goal!!! It is SO close. Hopefully a whole day at home won't mess me up! :-)


  1. We're getting it too.

    BTW Lily is a sweetie!

  2. We didn't have a snow day today. But Tuesday my husband had the school kids take their books home as well! And it worked! We had our snow day Wednesday. Woo-hoo! Glad you're staying warm!