Saturday, May 22, 2010

In the Merry, Merry Month of May......

Lily was wearing Victoria's hair stuff on her wrists like bracelets.

Lily is becoming quite the climber...she got up here all by herself and into this position for a water break!
Best Buddies...Yiyee & Bucky

AJ and his neat airplane he bought with $ for his birthday from Papa & Mama Agee!

Getting crayons during colouring time in Jr. Church.

My beautiful 7 year old daughter who is just growing up way too fast!!!!

Duckey hard at work on his word find.

Lily made a BIG mess of the kleenex box.

Here she is working on cleaning up the mess she made!
They stayed in this position for quite a long time. I was surprised!

"No, Buckeye, you can't sit in Lily's chair!" (Don't worry, folks, we disinfected everything before Lily ate there again!) :-) Buckeye got up there all by herself with the tray on just like you see in the picture.

Victoria, our budding photographer, got this cute shot. I love all the pictures Victoria put in the frame of the painting in her room. I should take a picture of just that. She's such a sweet girl.

The girls watching a "girly movie" in the Girls' Room!

My beautiful dining room set that Jeff got me for my birthday a few years ago. I still love it so much!

The next several pictures are Lily trying to get up on a chair that is pushed all the way in to the table. She got quite stuck, but I rescued her! (These were taken today - Saturday!)

She certainly doesn't look concerned in this state of being stuck!

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