Sunday, January 4, 2009

AJ's blog about Christmas

I got some really nice presents for Christmas. One of them was a little tiny lunchbox and I am going to be using it for my Webkinz dog. Her name is Christmas Carol. I got her at my Oma and Opa's house and as well, I got a bookmark that it looks like it has Christmas Carol on it. At the adoption centre in Webkinz World Miss Birdy is the one who tells us if we have the right code. So Miss Birdy is reading to one of the Webkinz pets.
I got a big remote control truck that I will be using a week from next Saturday down in the basement at Opa's house. The concrete floor will be poured by then. So Luke and I will be playing with our remote control trucks most of the day.
Now that we know a little bit how to play chess, maybe we will play for an hour. Sometimes it takes an hour and a half to get the whole game down. We have already done two games and both of the time I lost! Right after the game of chess we will be playing with my remote control truck. (me and Luke).
Well, that's all I can do for today.

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