Friday, January 9, 2009

Skating Day that turned into Sledding Day!

My friend, Angela Wellard, and I had planned to spend the day together with our kids. We were going to go to the ice skating rink that is at our City Hall. It's a nice little rink (just right for our kiddos.) Well, we got there and just as Luke, AJ and Victoria were getting ready to take off their boots, a man came out and said that the rink was closed! The hours on the sign say 9am - 10pm. When I asked him why the rink was closed, he said that the outdoor city workers had gone on strike as of midnight. Therefore, the rink had to be closed to avoid any kind of liability!! Politics!!! Ugghhhh!

We decided to try another couple of park rinks that we knew of....both of them were too covered with snow to skate! :-( We have the BEST sledding hill in our neighbourhood. It's so close to our house that we can see from our diningroom window, so we all decided to go sledding instead. Luke, AJ and Victoria were very disappointed that they couldn't go skating, but were having fun sledding in no time!

After taking tons of picture (me) and having lots of fun sledding (everyone else), we were all cold and came home for hot chocolate and tea! A fun day of fresh air and exercise was had by all and the day was largely a success.

Angela had a great idea to get the children to all pile on top of each other and take their picture in a "pig pile". We tried to get a picture like that at the sledding hill, but it didn't turn out very good. We tried again as soon as we got home and it turned out GREAT!

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  1. Looks like so much fun, Virginia. I'm jealous I couldn't bring my kiddos along.