Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Day with the Feere's!

This is Tor-Tor with her "best friend, Bethany". When we first really got to know the Feere's (a couple of years ago), that's how Victoria and Bethany referred to each other. They wouldn't just say their name, but the whole "best friend Victoria/Bethany".

The kids were excited to make the 45 minute drive to Hamilton to visit their friends. Since school has started they haven't had much time together.

The roads were dry and it was a pretty nice trip. I had put pork tenderloin and saurkraut in the crock pot for supper, but it wasn't ready. Jeff said that his mom always made that on New Year's Day, so I thought I'd continue the tradition. Well, it wasn't ready, so the kids had macaroni and cheese and we all had meatballs in salsa and Jeff and I had sandwiches and salad. Oh, well. I did try.

We had a nice day for the first day of 2009! Hope you have a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2009!

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