Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Lily

Lily is adjusting well and we're getting on a schedule, so that's good. We've had fun taking lots of pictures of little cutie pie!

We're back on schedule at school, too, and the children are doing well back in the swing of things. We just finished our second week back from Christmas vacation.

The weather has been very snowy this winter. A lady in our church said that she heard on the news that we have only had 5 days since the middle of November that it hasn't snowed. Today it is a little warm outside, but it's supposed to be really cold again this weekend. Jeff is outside right now knocking all the ice out of the eavestroughs while it's a bit mild out.

We still haven't been able to do our school Christmas play, but we're still planning on it. Maybe if we can't get our schedules together, we might have "Christmas in July"! :-)


  1. Christmas in July sounds better and less stressful every year. LOL

  2. Christmas in July! That made me chuckle. But it's not a bad idea to remember the Lord's birth even then!

    Glad things are smoothing out with Lily.