Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

Last night we started our New Year's Eve out by a really nice service at church. We sang a lot of favourite hymns and observed the Lord's Supper. It was great to spend some time with our church family.

This is a picture of AJ and me right before the service - Luke was making good use of his new camera. I'm getting lots of great pictures now that Luke has a camera.

After church, we came home and my parents came over for snacks and movies. We watched a couple of movies basically geared for the kids, but the adults enjoyed them, too. Our second movie ended 5 minutes before midnight and we switched to the tv and watched the ball drop in NYC -- a family tradition.

That reminds me of our first New Year's Eve after we got married. We were living in Indiana and so right before midnight I switched on the tv and looked and looked for Dick Clark ringing in the New Year, but, alas, I had forgotten about the time change and we were an hour behind NYC and I had missed it. I'm afraid my attitude ringing in 1999 wasn't the best!

After we all wished each other "Happy New Year", my parents left for home and we all went straight to bed. I think each one of us was asleep almost before our head hit the pillow! All in all (though we ate WAY too many calories) the evening was a lot of fun!

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