Wednesday, January 14, 2009


On Monday, we had two children placed temporarily in our home. They are the children of one of our church couples. Mason is 2 years old and Lily is 5 months old. They are cute little munchkins. We're not sure how long we'll have them. Here's Mason with his duckey and Luke and even a bit of Buckeye in the first picture. And then, of course, sweet baby Lily sleeping away!

This was not a planned thing, so we had made no preparations of any kind for them coming to our home. It has been a fine balance between pandamonium and insanity for the last couple of daysbin our home while we get everything necessary for these two precious children. Jeff and I both agree that we didn't realize how easy our kids, ages 6,7 and 9 really are! So we're back to bottles and diapers for the time being! Luke, AJ and Victoria are enjoying the sleepover so far. Victoria is being such a good little mommy to Lily. She's enjoying having a real live baby doll in the house.

If you'd pray about this situation, we'd all appreciate it. Like I said, we're not sure how long we'll have them, but the family involved as well as our family would greatly appreciate your prayers. Jeff and I are feeling a bit sleep deprived having a baby in the house again. I'm sure as Lily settles in and we get used to the new schedule, things will feel much more normal soon. With me teaching at our Christian school full-time and Jeff pastoring full-time, we're trying to jostle things around. Again, we do appreciate your prayers!


  1. I prayed for you last night, Virg, before I went to sleep. Just wanted you to know.

  2. Wow! A new year and 2 new kids to care for. I'll be praying for you all and for the other family. I don't know the situation but God does and that's what matters most. I will pray that the Lord give you the strength during this time of adjustment.

  3. God bless you! What sweet little babies God has entrusted to you.

    Also I love the snow pictures! Tell Angela we said hi.